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Faith G. Harper, PhD, ACS, ACN
Faith G. Harper, PhD, ACS, ACN

Coaching and Wellness Services




Hi, there!


Ever since the publication of my first book, Unfuck Your Brain (Microcosm Publishing, 2017), I have been getting emails from all corners of the US and from people all over the plannet asking about my therapy services.


Starting in 2024, I am moving my license to inactive status allowing me to provide services to individuals in other states and countries as a professional coach.



I have extensive training in trauma informed treatment modalities, and can work with a variety of other treatment issues (e.g.,neurodiversity, depression, anxiety, self-worth, body image, and substance use issues).


I  am also well-versed in work around  intimacy, relationships, and sexuality. I work with individuals, couples, and other relationship configurations. I am both polyamory and kink friendly, and I hold a certification as a Clinical Sexologist. While I work with problematic sexual behavior within a relational framework but I am not a licensed sex offender treatment provider, therefore am not qualified for working with individuals who are thought to be sex offenders by the legal system. However, I highly recommend Brenda Martinez if you are seeking an individual with that specialty. 


I hold a second post-doctororal certification in Applied Clincial Nutrition, allowing me to support your  wellness and health goals. This work does not include weight loss plans, as research demonstrates that they frequently fail and cause disordered eating in the process. 


If you have  therapist you are working with, but want to see me for some specific work, that is entirely acceptable. Please keep in mind my code of ethics does require me to consult with them as needed about your care. An informed consent form is available for download on my forms page.


I charge $200.00 an hour, and do not charge extra for a first visit/intake visit. A typical session lasts about 50-60 minutes.


I have worked to increase accessibility to my office, including new ramps! However, please let me know what your accessibility needs are so we can determine if you can comfortably come in person or would prefer telehealth services. 


Phone and video (utilizing the HIPPA compliant platform) therapy sessions are available, though I require a safety plan before we start long-distance support in case  we need to utilize local resources to assist you.



I accept cash, checks, and credit cards (through Square). Charges through square will reflect a payment to Faith G. Harper, PhD,  with no other identifying information about the services you have received. Coaching services are unlikely to be reimbursable through your health insurance, but if you itemize your deductions on your taxes, you may be eligible for a write-off for productivity coaching services, and I am happy to provide you with a receipt for your files. 


My work is focused on your wellness and any practical concerns you wish to address, rather than assessment and diagnosis. If you need assessment and diagnosis, I will refer you to a trusted colleague. I can consult with them about our work and your needs, but cannpt provide a diagnostic impression directly as a professional coach. 






One Final Thing


Getting support is not a sign of weakness. It takes an enormous amount of strength and courage to insist on taking care of yourself in a world that continues to tell you that it doesn't matter. You are a bad-ass. Seriously. I love my clients.  You amaze me, surprise me, and impress me every day.  Thank you for doing the heavy lifting and letting me be part of your journey.


     Contact Me


Phone: 210-705-2121


Email is the quickest way to connect with me! In order to maintain client privacy, I manage my own schedule which makes it difficult to field and return phone calls!







I will not see inquiries sent through social media direct messaging, please email!



Office Address:

125 Thomas Jefferson

San Antonio, TX 78228





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