Faith G. Harper, PhD, LPC-S, ACS, ACN
Faith G. Harper, PhD, LPC-S, ACS, ACN

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Part of my clinical nutrition work is making food that is healthy taste good. This meant organizing all my favorite recipes after many requests to do so. They are all in my book, The Revolution Will Include Cookies, which has information on different diets, ingredients, and how food affects our minds and bodies. My adorable and wicked smart husband published them through our tiny publishing house, Say Something Real Press, LLC. You can order it through Amazon. Or if you want a signed copy, you can order one here.


I have two books being published with the amazing Microcosm Publishing in 2017. I seriously can't wait. I get to write the books I always wanted to read, and these rock stars are publishing them. The first is This Is Your Brain on Anxiety, which is an expanded version of my pamphlet (zine) of the same name. And the second is Unfuck Your Brain (yes, that's a fantastic name, thank my editor for it!)  I'm also hard at work on my next books with Microcosm,  so keep an eye out for more announcements in that regard!


My Pamphlets


Why, yes, I am stuck in the 90s and I do write zines. I publish these through Microcosm, as well. You should be able to find them all here. But if you are looking for a particular one and don't see it listed, let me know. They sell out really quickly and it may be at the printers awaiting reprint. I may have a copy I can send you, or can at least get an idea of when they will be back in stock.


Wanting multiple copies for a program? If you order 2+ at a time, make sure you get the wholesale discount (where it says Order Type, toggle from retail to wholesale). This makes them even more affordable to stock in your clinic, facility, agency, or school!


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The online versions of my regular column for Out in SA magazine can be found here. My other articles, randomly strewn across the internets, have been patiently collected up by my aforementioned adorable and wicked smart husband and links to them can be found here.


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Does anyone even read blogs anymore? Probably not. You can not-read mine here.








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